Limited Edition ChroniXXX High Grade Loud Pack


Take advantage of the best mystery vinyl box in the game where the mission is simple, collect the High Grade!
Each Pack of 5 Contains
  • 2 x Brand New High Grade Records
  • 3 x High Grade Records
+ full sticker packs that money cant even buy!
Respect Selecta, Welcome to the Club!
🍇 🍎 🏠 👽 🍰 ❌
SKU REF. LA-2583 Category
Choose from 2 USB’s :


Welcome To The High Grade Club [HGC001]

This USB comes with 50+ tracks including exclusive digitals from unreleased, released & vinyl only tracks.

  • Limited Edition
  • 32GB Memory
  • Sandisk 3.0 Chip

Unreleased Clubcard [HGC002]

This USB comes with 44 unknown artist tracks including exclusive digitals of 32 unreleased gems12 vinyl only tracks.

  • Limited Edition
  • 32GB Memory
  • Sandisk 3.0 Chip

What can you expect from this flavour?


If you like : These packs are usually limited edition & my XXX personal picks.

❌ : This Home Grown batch of ChroniXXX are taken & put together from my personal record collection.

Check out our ChroniXXX Playlist : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCvapClFRD_U83vILirr6g-FCZNHIbyPS&si=IoXIasO5fGVTW7qg

Weight 2 kg
Loud Pack Size

5 Records (£50), 8 Records (£75)


No Thanks (£0), Welcome To The High Grade Club 001 (£25), Unreleased High Grade Clubcard 002 (£25), Both (£50)


No Thanks (£0), S (£20), M (£20), L (£20), XL (£20), XXL (£20)

3 reviews for Limited Edition ChroniXXX High Grade Loud Pack

  1. Tracks from the Racks

    Seriously great packs.I cant recommend enough.if your looking to grow you vinyl collection or pick up some hidden gems you might have previously missed.i originally picked up the xxx loud pack followed by the wedding cake.The tunes have been going down a treat on my radio show and gigs.The addition of the USB packs is great giving you some extra gems for when using cdjs/dvs

  2. Tony C

    A1 selection in the pack and on the USB! Serious groove knowledge

  3. Lee Hasty

    I’m honestly not even joking when I tell you that alot of MY FAVOURITE records I own have been from the loud packs. I really cant gas them up enough, they’re so well selected for a nice array of underground music. I personally had some seriousssss minimal / electroey / breakbeat & bits in mine and oh my daysssss… the only words needed are PURE FILTH. I am incredibly pleased with the records which I have received and will 100000% be ordering another one. I even got some really cool stickers too which were a nice addition and I put them on my speakers and my laptop. These are such an innovative and cool idea. Invest in yourself and get one of these, you’ll thank yourself TRUST me!

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