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Limited Edition High Grade Club USB Bundle

Original price was: £74.00.Current price is: £65.00.

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Our two best sellers combine for this exclusive limited edition bundle. Get both our ORIGINAL USB’s, ‘Welcome To The High Grade Club’ & ‘Unreleased High Grade Clubcard’, that’s access to over 100+ digital exclusives of unreleased, released & vinyl tracks + full sticker packs that money can’t even buy!

VIP EXPERIENCE BOX INCLUDED // Underground selection of Genres Included : Minimal, Micro House, House, UKG Inspired, Broken Beat, Minimal Techno.

  • Sandisk 3.0 Chip 🥇
  • 32GB Credit Card USB 📈
  • Limited Edition 😱
  • Full Sticker Pack 🔥

Respect Selecta, Welcome To The Club!

*** Please note these are one off limited edition and any additional orders of either HGC001 & HGC002 will be the same

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