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Grand Daddy Purple High Grade Loud Pack


Taste our award winning flavours with the best mystery vinyl box in the game where the mission is simple, collect the High Grade! πŸ”₯

FOR THE DJ’s WHO LIKE : Minimal, Minimal Techno, Micro House, Minimal Rollers, Small Room Beats, Rolling Drums, Deep Atmospheres, Β Moody Vocals, The Best Minimal, The Respect of The Crowd & Hands In The Air Moments.

Intrigued to discover more? We invite you to explore our Grand Daddy Purple Playlist. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of our signature flavour and give you a sneak peek into the possible records you could receive in your High Grade Loud Pack.


πŸ‡ Choose your number of records

πŸ‡ Try Multiple Flavours

πŸ‡Β At least 3 BRAND NEW High Grade Records with every pack

πŸ‡ Add Your Own Notes

πŸ‡Β Pack it with exclusive unreleased digital music

πŸ‡Β Full sticker pack included

*** All of our vinyl are premium quality, 100% hand picked & new – and they come with our grading to prove it.Β 

Welcome to the Club!
πŸ‡ 🍎 🏠 πŸ‘½ 🍰 ❌
SKU REF. LA-2583-1-1-1-1 Category
Weight 2 kg
Flavour (5 Pack)

+ 3 Extra Records

No Thanks Β£0, Dutch Treat 🏠 (House), Grand Daddy Purple πŸ‡ (Minimal), Forbidden Fruit 🍎 (Stepperz), OG Kush πŸ‘½ (UKG), Wedding Cake 🍰 (Party Starter), ChroniXXX ❌ (XXX Rated)

Choice of USB

No Thanks Β£0, Welcome To The High Grade Club Β£25, Unreleased High Grade Clubcard Vol.1 Β£30, Both Β£50


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